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Royalty Distribution

Royalties are payments made to rights-holders when their creatives are used within the public space either through the playing or performance of their music by users such as broadcasting organization, restaurants, Hotels etc. These payments are made directly to the recording artists, songwriters, composers, publishers and other such persons who are the interested party and copyright holder under section 5 of the Ghana Copyright Act 2005, which

Royalty distribution is therefore, the process by which these monies collected by the Society, in this instance Ghamro from the different user sources are paid to members, in other words to right owners who have registered and assigned their rights under agreement to the Society. It is important to indicate that in the absence of registration and being a member, it is difficult to identify the music when used and in the absence of that data, the Society cannot pay for such use.

To this end, Ghamro has signed a memorandum of understanding with a private partner that would see major setup and establishment of a monitoring system to enable members access details of their royalty payments through the membership portal and affect any changes to the metadata of their musical works.

Non-Members Enquiry

For the sake of those right owners who may be interested in becoming members, please do follow through the processes of how to join the Society and assign your works to Ghamro. In the case that a non-member completes registration and assignment of works with the Society, the Documentation and Members Services (DMS) would be ready to assist such member to follow up on how to re-claim any royalties that you might be due.

Payment Period

Except in the case of payments received for adverts, film rights, synchronization, jingles etc. which are paid to specific person within 30 days of the receipt, royalties are paid to deserving members twice a year normally at the end of July and December of each year in line with

Once the new system of music monitoring kicks in, members shall be provided with statement details containing the distribution including funds disbursed, chart overview, music played list or performed on the user broadcast network including live performance.

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