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Are you the writer of the text also known as Lyrics or a Composer, an Arranger or are you the Publisher? IF THIS MUSIC HAVE BEEN RECORDED AND IS OUT IN PUBLIC, then by the membership CRITERIA, you are qualified to register as a member of GHAMRO so that whatever rights you may have can beprotected once you are involved in the creation of the music. Once you assign (transfer) your rights in the music to GHAMRO and the music get played, performed or broadcasted, GHAMRO will follow up, collect your royalties and pass them on to you as a member during the time of distribution. You also get to benefit from all other social and cultural schemes in place as a member of the Society.

How to become a member of Ghamro

1. Ensure that you have a recorded music out in public and you meet the Interested Party Criteria as composer, author, publisher, performer or a/record label that owns the production rights.

2. Complete Application form and Deed of Assignment/Member Agreement.

3. Make full payment of due application fee. (Applicant shall receive an acknowledgment message upon application three after form submission.

4. An Applicant shall receive a message acknowledging receipt of application three (3) Days after submitting forms.

5. A confirmation letter of acceptance shall be sent to applicant as an Applicant/Provisional member after the Documentation Process.

Works Declaration/Notification and Updates

Members are to notify GHAMRO of their original works providing all relevant details for proper distribution of royalties. Members can download the works notification form online or pick it at any of our offices. It is important to provide the following relevant information/document during the notification Process;

1. All interested parties involved in the work

2. Shares allocated to all interested party and

3. Signed Agreements

Change of personal data

Any member who wishes to amend information provided may do so through the Member Account of the members’ portal

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